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Furnace Parts Application Case Studies

EAF Thermocouples for Primary Metal Industry 

A leading primary metals producer was challenged by long delays and costly downtime related to production in their electric arc furnaces. Furnace Parts assisted the customer in creating a new MgO thermocouple design, significantly reducing the amount of time required to change out furnace bottoms. Through working onsite with the customer, Furnace Parts' Engineered Solutions Group made recommendations that resulted in down time being reduced by 500%, while also, reducing the total thermocouple expenditure for each of the customers EAFs.

Non-expendable Thermocouples for the Aerospace Industry

A producer of specialty metals and components for the Aerospace Industry was struggling with the stringent industry Temperature Uniformity Survey requirements posed by AMS 2750D. The customer was using expendable insulated wire thermocouples for their surveys, which resulted in a single use for each thermocouple. Furnace Parts' sales representatives and engineers assisted with the application of non-expendable thermocouples, as defined by AMS 2750D, resulting in the ability to use the sensors multiple times for their TUS compliance. This resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of thermocouples required annually, while at the same time providing a more robust, tighter tolerance thermocouple solution. As a result, the customer reduced their annual thermocouple spend, reduced the need for costly inventory, and succeeded in securing a long term contract with an industry prime supplier.

Captive Heat Treating for Military and Defense

Furnace Parts worked closely with a large captive heat treater that requested assistance with meeting System Accuracy Test compliance standards. The customer had strict pyrometric requirements as a supplier to the military and defense market. Current SAT practices were resulting in furnace inefficiency and the opportunity for human interface error. Furnace Parts designed a proprietary high temperature thermocouple that consistently gauges SAT probe depth. This eliminated the need for additional ports in the furnace for the probes (increasing furnace efficiency and saving on fuel costs), and eliminated any probe placement and depth issues related to operator interface. Additionally, Furnace Parts instituted a platinum reclamation program for the customer, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings and significantly reducing the total thermocouple spend.